City Workers Papal Visit Schedule

The following departments will be closed on Thursday (09/24), Friday (09/25) and Monday (09/26);

Law Department
Labor Relations
Office of Human Resources


Labor Day Messages 2015

DC 47 Pres. Fred Wright and former Pres. Tom Cronin are seen here sharing Labor Day information.


DC 47 Labor Day Messages

DC 47 President Fred Wright and former Pres. Tom Cronin are seen here sharing information about Labor day


AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders at NAACP Convention

AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders said some folks want to take us back to 1915. He said, ” They’re rolling back our rights, disturbing our public education and cutting job training. They’re buying elections, redistricting our communities to dilute our strength and even tossing out our votes.”


Independent Poll Has Kenney Lead Widening

James F. Kenney holds a commanding lead in Philadelphia’s Democratic mayoral primary, according to an independent poll conducted within the past week.
With less than a week until Tuesday’s primary, a survey of 600 likely voters showed Kenney with 42 percent support, far ahead of both former District Attorney Lynne M. Abraham and state Sen. Anthony H. Williams, each of whom were favored by 15 percent of those polled.



Our wages, benefits, working conditions, health and safety, and even whether we have jobs at all, are in the hands of officials who influence our future.

Health & Safety

There is nothing more important than staying safe on the job. Our lives depend on it. That is why, as AFSCME members, we have access to some of the best workplace health and safety resources available.


The Newsletter section includes the District Council 47 newsletter, as well as newsletters from the Locals and Health & Welfare.

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Politicians Speak to DC 47 Delegates

Politicians Speak to DC 47 Delegates

Several local elected officials running in the November General Election spoke to DC 47 Delegates Thursday night. Derek Green , Blondell Reynolds-Brown, Bobby Henon and Helen Gym ย were all endorsed by DC 47. Green and Gym will be new members of City Council.... read more

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